Workshop Two

Your Development Opportunities

The Dark Side of your Personality

This workshop was developed to assist individuals in understanding their performance risk factors, their ability to build strong long-lasting relationships with others and any counterproductive behaviours that continue to negatively impact their lives. You will discover the key behavioural tendencies that are impacting your life right now and can be leveraged to create improved flow and more seamless way of life.


  • You complete an online Hogan Development Survey (HDS) assessment

  • Over 500,000 people have completed the HDS

  • Most of those individuals have worked in management and leadership roles

  • The HDS assess 11 common risks that interfere with a person’s ability to build long-term cohesive relationships with others

  • The HDS measures how a person reacts when under stress or in environments where change is constant and uncertain

  • The HDS highlights a person’s blind spots and derailers so improvements can be made

  • Your results are evaluated prior to the workshop

  • You receive your results at the start of the workshop

  • Your results are NOT shared and are completely confidential 

  • The workshop explains each characteristic and what the results mean at a high level 

  • Nevine outlines tips to implement new skills against the findings

  • Close the workshop with a timeline meditation

  • Receive a personalised 1-1 telephone session with Nevine to discuss your individual results

  • Allocate 30 minutes for the assessment at home 



  • 45-minute online group session
    (see What is Group Coaching)

  • 30-minute 1-1 online debrief session to discuss your individual results

  • Hogan Personality Assessment

  • Analysis of individual results

  • Customised report with actions for each attendee

  • 10% discount if purchased with another workshop session

  • All results are kept confidential and only shared with the person who has completed the assessment


1. Where do you hold your group workshops?
All workshops are held online in a COVID-safe environment. 



2. Is it possible to have my results remain private and confidential in a group workshop?
Yes. All test results are confidential and at no time do participants have to reveal their score to the group.



3. Is the workshop tax deductible? 

The workshop cost may be tax-deductible pending your personal circumstances. Consult your accountant. 


4. Where can I see more regarding the Hogan Assessments? 

Click here to visit


Please contact our team to inquire about workshops, sessions and free information evenings. 

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