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Pricing for
entire program.

Personality Traits Assessment Program Pricing

Potential Coaching
Core Coaching Program

Challenge Coaching

Core Coaching Program

Motivation and Values
Core Coaching Program

Multi-Rater 360
Coaching Program

Hogan Assessment Tool

Complete a Hogan Assessment per program in your own time

Submit online for analysis by Hogan and your Coach from NB People

All Hogan Assessment costs are included

Coaching Sessions

Each session with NB People is 90-minutes 1-1 Online

All program pre-work and post-analysis included


Score Graphics
Score Interpretation

Subscale Scores

Score Summaries

Goals identification exercise

Behavioural modification workbook

Developmental coaching & Recommendations

Access to a library of resources and helpful tools

3x free follow-up sessions

Personality Traits Assessment Program Pricing

USD $3,790 (excluding taxes)

AUD $4,970 (excluding taxes)

Includes all pre-work

5x 90-minute sessions

3x free post-analysis sessions

Hogan 360 Multi Rater Accelerator Program (opotion for managers of people)

This program is an adjunct to all Core Coaching Programs

Suitable for managers or leaders with direct reports
All information gathered is anonymous and confidential

USD $4,790 - includes 3x Raters (excluding taxes)

AUD $5,970 - includes 3x Raters (excluding taxes)

Optional Follow-Up Coaching

Available to those executives that may wish to continue personal coaching sessions

USD $597 per session (excluding taxes) 

AUD $797 per session (excluding taxes) 

Each session is 90 minutes

Corporate Team Pricing

Corporate team pricing is available on request

Please contact us for further details or a custom approach.

*Information on Team building workshops, High performing leaders’ program and Specialised business consulting services are available upon request.

All our programs are confidential.

No results are shared or distributed with anyone other than the participant.