Why building resilience in our Leaders is more important now than ever before?

Leaders around the world are currently experiencing extreme changes and uncertainty in every area of our lives. More than ever before leaders must find a smarter, sustainable way of gaining success and balance at work, at home and for their organisation.

In the face of challenges, complexity and change, Leaders need to develop real world personalised energy plans that will consider exercise, nutrition, work/life alignment and their resilience to stress.

To deal with constant change and the complexity of global business, Leaders must learn how to “work smarter” and develop ways to deal with an overload of information and changing priorities, while staying focused and effective with their time and resources.

In developing their personalised energy plans, Leaders need to consider their desired outcomes in the following nine areas:

  1. Increase Emotional and Physical Energy Practical solutions for a business lifestyle including fitness and nutrition, especially while on the go.

  2. Improve Leadership Capacity Enhance communication skills, strategic thinking, decision making and agility.

  3. Heighten Mental Resilience Achieve top performance in the most critical moments and demanding high stress situations.

  4. Effective Workflow Techniques to stay sharp throughout the day with intermittent renewal and focus on high value activities.

  5. Achieve Work/Life Satisfaction Develop ways to have both career achievement and personal fulfilment.

  6. Improve Leadership Impact on Teams and the Organisation Ensure calm and composed Leadership that creates cohesive, high performing teams.

  7. Enhance Relationships Develop awareness and presence to maintain strong partnerships inside and outside the organisation.

  8. Align with Meaning, Values, and Purpose Deliver against what is most important personally and professionally.

  9. Avoid Risks to Career and Organisation Reduce mistakes arising from being too busy, too tired, or overly stressed.

Developing a personalised energy plan that considers desired outcomes in each of the above areas will result in an increase in emotional and physical energy, gaining clarity and focus at work as well as building productive and cohesive teams.

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