How do values determine your destiny?

Every human being regardless of gender, age, or background lives by a set of priorities or values. This set of values is called ‘the hierarchy of values’ or ‘values structure’.

Whatever, value is highest in this hierarchy means the individual will be intrinsically inspired to fulfil it, with no external motivation and no incentives.

An individual’s highest value infiltrates and determines how they perceive, act, and live in the world.

If you set a goal that aligns with your highest value, you maximise your probability of achieving that goal.

So how do you determine what is your highest value?

Your life demonstrates your values because every decision you make is based on what you believe and what is important to you. So, take an honest look and document what is around you at present NOT what you should have, could have or want to have.

Look at your relationships, your financial situation, your health and wellbeing, your business or career, your home, your spirituality, and your self-development. Whatever, you have acquired, learnt, practised, and built reflect your values to that point in time.

If you want to set new and bigger goals and want to truly achieve those goals, your goals must be congruent with your higher value/s. Something of value to you, you keep close to you.

Once you have documented what is important to you in each of the above categories, rate them out of 10 and pick your top 3. Take each area from your top 3, set a goal/s, and detail actions you can take immediately towards that goal/s that will inspire and energise you and where you feel you don’t need anyone or anything to motivate you.

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