How can you help your isolated WFH employees?

Working practices have changed and remote working is here to stay. How should you as a leader in 2021 respond when managing and supporting a remote, mobile or hybrid workforce?

Well you can start by asking them what they want to do. Some personalities deal with remote or loner working - and others struggle. So get creative and design what works for each person who works for you so they can be as productive and engaged as possible without the stresses and strains of working in an environment they may find difficult because no-one wins in that scenario.

No One Gets Left behind

John Marcarian, Founder of Expatland Global Network, which brings international teams of professionals together to provide global mobility services across taxation, logistics, real estate, education advice and more, says “leaving no one behind” is very much the philosophy needed now.

Mr Marcarian says, “As the mix of workers facing restrictions change, we see many companies adopting a 'two tier' approach where there is a special focus put on isolated workers’ physical and mental health. New forms of social interaction for those workers are put in place, such as the virtual team lunch (with food delivered!) or a simple delivery of employee care packages, or the implementation of additional medical or counselling support to address issues the isolated employee faces.”

Promote Despite WFH Choices It's important you aren't seen to favour those that choose to work the way you prefer - whether that be from home or in the office. It's better to create a win-win. As a leader of multiple personalities, you have the ability to install dignity and pride into your workplace and the people who work for you by restoring flexibility, accountability, trust and above all, respect for the individual personality.

The business results will flow, because these are the type core elements that make your business a great place to work for – no matter where your people are working from.

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