How can personality assessments and two universal laws help you live your best life?

When you think about the spiritual laws of the universe, your mind might go straight to the Law of Attraction. However, there are a whole network of interconnected spiritual laws that can impact every aspect of your life.

Besides the more commonly known laws such as the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect and the law of relativity, I’d like to highlight two less talked about universal laws that when combined with a deep understanding of your personality, can take your life on a completely different trajectory that leads you to greatness.

The law of awareness.

This law basically states that ‘You must know yourself to grow yourself’. Personal growth is not a one-size-fits-all strategy for self-improvement. It must be suited to your unique characteristics and personality traits. An undisputed rule of personal growth is that ‘People will never rise above the opinion of themselves’

One of the challenges with that is our opinion of ourselves is largely formed by the age of seven by the perception where we think we did or did not get love from the people we most wanted it from. This rule also mirrors the first rule of relationships, which is that ‘no one can ever love us more than we love ourselves’. Personal growth also requires you to identify your purpose in life. Unless you’re clear on where you’re headed, you won’t know which ways to grow and develop.

The law of conformity.

This law states that ‘your intention will always be beaten by your environment over time’

We don’t get to choose whether or not we get programmed, we are programmable by design – we can only choose how we want to be programmed

You can read your positive affirmation 1000 times a day, you can stand in front of the mirror and say you believe in yourself 100 times a day, but if you live with someone who is constantly pulling you down, someone who is constantly reminding you that you are not good enough and why nothing you do is ever right – at some point you are going to start to believe them, guaranteed.

That is the law of conformity.

So how do we take control of our mind so that we don’t just survive but thrive in every area of our lives? We do the following:

  • Stop putting the wrong things in – both our bodies and our minds are adaptation machines. Stop putting the wrong programming in. Stop listening to the constant negativity of mainstream media, distance yourself from toxic people that are energy vampires and stop programming yourself with why things never work out for you.

  • Start putting the right things in – surround yourself with the kind of information, things and people that support your potential, your greatness and where you want to go. The choices of who you hang around with, the TV shows you watch and the books or magazines you read will have an impact on the happiness, peace, and joy you experience every day in your life.

  • Get the things that shouldn’t be in there out – work with a coach that will not just teach skills but someone that will reach deep into your mind and help you grab hold of all the personality traits, the behaviours and the actions that continue to sabotage you and stop you from living the life you deserve.

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