Individual Growth & Development

Put the Power of Personality Science on Your Side to Dramatically Improve Your Life

Our Personal Development Coaching sessions are different to most in that we start the program by using science-based personality assessments to truly understand who you are - not who you or I think you are. Only then can we get the core issues and make genuine progress. to do anything else is often relying on guesswork.

Our sessions are the space where you can understand the deep programmatic attributes, motivations and values that drive much of your behaviour and the way you respond to all types of situations. You can improve these natural tendencies, and dramatically improve your approach to life - and the outcomes both in work and play as we explore your: 

Identity is the story you tell yourself about yourself. It is the person you think you are - and you might be surprised to know that quite often these ideas are misplaced. We often have an inflated idea of our own talent, or we can be quite the opposite and constantly come down hard on ourselves which limits opportunities in relationships, career and even hobbies that may change the way we live.


You reputation on the other hand is what everyone around you thinks of you. This is naturally based on your overt behaviours and social skills, and very quickly creates the person other people think you are. Your success in life, work - and the way people engage with you - and as such how you see the world over time, is dependent on your reputation.

The Bright Side
The bright side of your personality describes how you relate to others when you are at our best. Again, we need to assess this objectively first to get the genuine insights upon which we can further develop these attributes. Assessing this part of your personality gives you valuable insight into how you operate in life,  and how you can improve your life enjoyment and outcomes.

The Dark Side
The dark side is the attitudes and behaviours that come to the surface in times of stress and strain. It's these that can cause responses and behaviours that damage your relationships, reputation, and derail your life in many ways. Look at any area of your life that is not as you would desire it to be and there will be unconscious derailing, sabotaging behaviours at play. By assessing the core components of this side, we can then make huge progress in how you modify behaviour and mitigate the risks that come from here.

The Inside
The inside of your personality refers to the goals, values, drivers, and interests that determine what you truly desire and strive to attain - not what you THINK you want and value. By assessing these inside values, you'll better understand what motivates you in life - and how you can adjust to get back to the things that are important to you.

Cognitive assessments will outline your reasoning style - not in the way you think but in how you actually think. This objective assessment will help our coaching sessions because they indicate your ability to evaluate sets of data, make decisions, solve problems, and avoid repeating mistakes. By assessing your reasoning style in conjunction with your holistic personality, we get a comprehensive picture of how you are likely to perform in a given situation or event, or person.

Pur objective assessments uncover where you are in terms of your true personality characteristics, so we can use these predictors of future behaviour, to then target our coaching sessions more accurately for real outcomes in faster time.


Designed for anyone who has thoughts including:

- I lack motivation and direction

- I seem to be lacking self confidence

- I think I have some bad habits

- I need a new purpose in life

- I would like to improve my relationships

- I would like to improve my career