Choosing Hogan Personality Assessments to underpin your recruitment, on-boarding or employee development programs is a great decision (especially these days with remote recruitment and management) given they go deeper than psychometric tests to predict behaviour and likely areas where performance can be improved.

Our team of Business & Executive Coaches are equipped and ready to help you deploy these assessments into your existing recruitment, on-boarding and executive development programs. We provide: 

  • Expertise for businesses with 20+ employees

  • Special expertise in the banking, health, finance, insurance, technology, telco, health government and startup sectors, as well as recruitment agencies to improve candidate matching

  • Over 20+ years experience

  • Qualified and accredited coaches

  • Our coaches have a strong business background and seek to deliver your commercial aspirations

  • Our coaches are located across Asia-Pacific and USA

  • Covid-safe remote delivery

  • Our programs Include all assessments and reports, developmental coaching, recommendations, comprehensive workbook, detailed goals worksheet and ongoing support.

Contact Nevine directly on 0434 309 034 for a confidential chat about your requirements, or complete the enquiry form on this page. 

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Make the most of your time and money with NBPeople.

Our professional consultants are experts in both Hogan inventories, as well as executive coaching and consulting, particularly at senior management and executive levels.

They will provide an objective and realistic perspective that helps your leaders and high potentials achieve higher levels of success. They'll focus on building strategic self-awareness by tying discoveries found in assessments and 360 data to behaviours and decisions made in the work environment.


Then they'll create a framework for skills building and goal-oriented personal development by working with your people to help them understand their unique job context and how their behaviour and approaches are either working - or not - and where improvement can be made.

Armed with this strategic self-awareness, leaders and high-potentials will work with their NB People coach, direct manager, and HR or C-Level sponsor to build a framework for success.