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Hogan Personality Assessments

NB People is an accredited user of Hogan Assessments which are internationally recognised assessment inventories.

You're leading an entire business or a team inside a business,
and need to know  
"am I getting the most out of myself and my people to reach our personal goals, and our business metrics?

How do you answer this critical question?

Assess Personality...

It's not too much to say that people can make or break your business.

We've all seen it if you've been around business for even a little while.

And people can behave in all types of way.

And we know this behaviour is driven by their personality.

So, understand their personality,
and you understand their likely behaviour,

and predict how it will impact your business.

Question answered...


In other words, using personality tests such as Hogan's, we can demonstrate a person's personality in measurable ways and predict theior likely performance,

and we have the data to prove it.



Why Personality Matters


Humans are driven by three main goals: to get along, get ahead, and find meaning in life. The way we achieve these goals is the result of individual personality differences.


In the work environment, personality predicts how a person will approach work—diligently, intelligently, cheerfully, cooperatively, etc.


For employers, personality is important because it provides essential insight into a candidate that cannot be uncovered by interviews alone. It allows employers to be strategic in hiring the right person for the role and the company culture.


For the individual, personality assessments increase strategic self-awareness, which allows for better management of professional reputation and improved decision making around career development.

Why Reputation Matters


Think about personality in two ways: Identity and Reputation.


Most assessments on the market measure identity
— a self-assessment of who you think you are.


While this can be useful for introspection and self-reflection, we are generally poor judges of ourselves. For example, we might think we are better drivers than we are, smarter at maths than we are, more capable than our peers than we are, or we think less of ourselves. Either way, our self-assessment is rarely accurate.

In contrast, Hogan measures personality in terms of reputation
who others think you are.

Reputation is far more consequential in the world of work because your career trajectory is based upon how others evaluate you. Moreover, reputation is a superior way to measure personality for a few reasons.


First, past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. Therefore, your reputation is the best way to predict how you will behave in the future.


Secondly, reputation is easy to study—we simply ask other people to describe you.


Lastly, a wealth of research exists that links reputation to occupational performance. Therefore, focusing on reputation, rather than identity, allows us to predict job performance.


 Hogan assessments predict job performance by assessing normal personality, derailment characteristics, core values and cognitive reasoning ability. The assessments are grounded in decades of research and can be used for nearly every industry.  Hogan assessments can be used across the talent management spectrum:

For leadership development, coaching and team building
As a powerful recruitment and selection tool
Assessments include a variety of scales that create profiles to reveal competencies, derailers, values, reasoning skills and leadership characteristics.

Hogan Assessments can help HR and senior management understand the underlying sources of employee behaviours.

Data from the assessments produce easy-to-read reports that contain recommendations for hiring and development which help in making decisions regarding the selection and development of employees.

What Does Hogan Do?
Our personality assessments are designed to do three things: 1) evaluate basic employability, 2) evaluate job fit,
and 3) provide a solid basis for coaching around career development.

We rely on a suite of assessments to evaluate the whole person, including normal personality characteristics,
career derailment risks, core value drivers, and cognitive style. Our selection and development solutions are
driven by a targeted mix of the following assessments:

Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) – measures normal, or bright-side personality—qualities that describe
how we relate to others when we are at our best. Provides insight on how people work, lead, and how
successful they will be.

Hogan Development Survey (HDS) – describes the dark side of personality, or qualities that emerge in times
of increased strain and can disrupt relationships, damage reputation, and derail people’s chances for success.
The HDS is the industry standard for measuring career-derailing personality characteristics and helps individuals
recognize and mitigate performance risks before they become a problem.

Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) – reveals the core values, goals, and interests that determine
what we desire and strive to attain. Provides insight on organizational fit and environments in which individuals
will be motivated and satisfied.

Hogan Judgment (JUD) – combines cognitive ability, bright- and dark-side personality, and values to
measure a participant’s information processing style, decision-making approach and style, and receptivity to
feedback and coaching.


Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI) – describes a person’s reasoning style—the ability to evaluate
sets of data, make decisions, solve problems, and avoid repeating past mistakes. Provides insights on problems solving style, and areas for development. 

How does it work?

The report uses an easy-to-interpret framework to provide a real-time look at an individual’s attitude, behaviour, and performance. It is commonly used for development purposes, the report offers constructive feedback and sets priorities for improvement.

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Further, due to the confidential and anonymous nature of the responses, the Hogan 360 allows raters to provide honest feedback that might otherwise be difficult to solicit. 

Who Uses this Assessment?

The Hogan 360 assessment tool is applied to:

  • Leadership Development 

  • Team Building

  • Career Development 

  • Succession Planning 

  • Talent Identification 

  • Monitoring Organisational Change

  • Talent Development 

  • Internal & External Benchmarking

  • Analytics 


The Hogan 360 can also be used at various levels of an organisation. For example:


  • senior managers as part of an executive development program and/or one-on-one coaching

  • middle managers as part of a management development program and/or one-on-one coaching

  • emerging leaders as part of a talent development program and/or

  • one-on-one coaching or for individuals on one-off assignments where there is a particular need to understand how they are perceived by others.

What does it include?


  • 45-minute online group session

  • 30-minute 1-1 online debrief session to discuss your individual results

  • Hogan Personality Assessment

  • Analysis of individual results

  • Customised report with actions

  • All results are kept confidential and only shared with the person who has completed the assessment

  • Cost: 

    • AUD$997 ex GST​

    • USD$797 ex taxes


1. Where do you hold your group workshops?
All workshops are held online in a COVID-safe environment. 



2. Is it possible to have my results remain private and confidential in a group workshop?
Yes. All test results are confidential and at no time do participants have to reveal their score to the group.



3. Is the workshop tax deductible? 

The workshop cost may be tax-deductible pending your personal circumstances. Consult your accountant. 


4. Where can I see more regarding the Hogan Assessments? 

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Please contact our team to inquire about workshops, sessions and free information evenings. 

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