Happy Woman


Michelle Johnston

"I highly recommend Nevine as a business coach. Her style is very authentic and inspiring, and gives the feeling of a trusted partnership from the outset. She gives you practical tools that can be easily transitioned from the coaching session to the working environment. I wish I’d had those tools and methods when I started developing as a business leader years ago. It is sometimes easy to feel frustrated and stuck within a particular work or life situation. Now I know what it takes to move ahead. 


An extra bonus is that the tools and coaching that Nevine provides effect most areas of daily life.  Working with Nevine has improved my sense of self awareness and well-being.  These benefits have stayed with me as I have continued to develop my career and grow as a person.  Thanks Nevine!"

Paul Jones

"Nevine and the Hogan Assessments tool set she uses helped me discover what it was inside my personality (the good, bad and the ugly) that was holding me back after my divorce, and the strategies and behavioural changes I could adapt to start moving forward again. Nevine uses scientific tools, as well as her incredible intuition to really get inside you - and help you discover the new you for a better life. "

Laura Brown

" My name is Laura Brown, and I’m a member of the leadership team for a brand strategy agency in the United States. Nevine Neill, the owner of NB People, facilitated the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series with me.


Nevine is truly a dream leadership coach. Her ability to connect and coach across the digital screen isn’t something that’s easy, and she was able to put me at ease throughout the 5-week coaching program.

Her passion for development and coaching is clear from the very first meeting.


Throughout our time together, Nevine would frequently send me resources and links to help aid my development throughout the program. These weren’t Hogan-specific resources, but her own from the many years she has led businesses and coached leaders.

Unlike other leadership programs, the goal wasn’t solely to review my results and develop tools to increase or decrease behaviors related to my personality, stressors, and motivations. The final session was focused on developing a plan - in all areas - that would give me specific and actionable steps to keep improving and growing as a leader.

As a brand strategist, I believe that every single touchpoint with a company matters. The care and attention that Nevine puts into her business and programs demonstrate that she isn’t like every other coach. If you work with her, you will get an experience that goes beyond what you’d expect.


Without a doubt, you will gain value in choosing Nevine as your coach.


Vito Etrallis
Client Management Manager

"I hit mid-life and was lost and unsure what to do next in terms of my career and life. I started with Nevine and cannot believe the results. I know myself better than ever (and I am over 50 years old now) and have a renewed confidence because I now understand what traits have been hurting me (and how to work on these) and what is an asset for me (and how to make the most of them). Extremely practical - and truly life-changing."