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We use the power of scientifically based personality assessments supported by highly experienced developmental coaching to improve the way people are either
Recruited or Developed within your organisation.

Our Coaching programs are uniquely underpinned by evidence-based Hogan Personality Assessments to better predict and develop the right behaviour, performance and cultural fit among prospective candidates and existing employees.

"Knowing thyself is the beginning of all wisdom." Aristotle.

Who Is NBPeople

NBPeople provides customer-focused, evidence-based people solutions that enable organisations to identify and develop key talent, build better teams, drive leadership capability and enhance organisational performance. 

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced consultants and coaches with backgrounds in psychology, business consulting and human resources. 

Our coaching methodology is designed to help individuals take control of their own personal growth and development, as well as enable organisations to establish a sustainable business by investing in their people.



We support your recruitment processes with Personality Assessment to predict performance and cultural alignment so you can select the right candidate every time.


We've been providing one-on-one executive coaching and development for over 20 years to some of Australia's leading executives, business owners and line managers. 


Our talent development programs identify why your people perform the way they do, and how they can improve to reach their highest potential and contribute to team performance.


Our team help organisations manage change including current challenges such as supporting remote workers, maintaining productivity, and fostering teamwork. 


Our 360-degree feedback assessments and coaching provide business owners, managers, and industry leaders with staff feedback to guide positive change in behaviour.


We use Hogan’s world-class and powerful science of personality to help you hire the right people, develop talented employees, build great leaders, and impact the bottom line.

What we do

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Discover your personality, and how it's impacting your life.

Click here to download this free ebook and learn how your personality - characteristics, traits, and behaviours - can align with Universal Laws to manifest the life you desire at work and at home.

This guide is the first in a series. It's grounded in millennia of knowledge and used by some of the biggest names in industry, sport, entertainment, and politics. Now it’s your turn.

Our Executive Coaching programs are uniquely underpinned by data-based Hogan Personality Assessments to better predict and develop the right behaviour, performance and cultural fit among prospective candidates and existing executive talent.

We use Hogan’s world-class and powerful science of personality to help you hire the right people, develop talented employees, build great leaders, and impact the bottom line. People are a firm of leading business coaches and consultants specialising in effective HR assessment solutions, based on the world-renowned Hogan Personality Assessments.

We work with clients globally to enhance their employee recruitment, development and engagement decisions, as well as harness the power of the leaders and high potential people they already have on the team.


We also work with individuals who wish to understand what it is about themselves that may be holding them back, or limiting their success within personal relationships and/or the workplace.

With over 20 years of experience, we're committed to providing solutions that are underpinned by cutting-edge research. Our reputation is built on delivering world-class solutions that have helped to significantly increase organisational effectiveness.


Our secret to your success

Our approach is to underpin our executive coaching and development programs with the suite of Hogan Assessments that are grounded in more than a century of science and based on comprehensive industry research, to measure four key perspectives:

  • Normal personality (Hogan Personality Inventory)

  • Derailment characteristics (Hogan Development Survey)

  • Core values (Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory)


  • Hogan High Potential Talent 360, and 

  • Hogan Leader Focus 360.

Individually, these assessments offer highly focused insights into a personality - and where their potential for improvement resides. Combined, they provide a unique insight into the depths of personality and cognitive reasoning with strong implications for performance, retention, organisational “fit” and leadership effectiveness.

Hogan assessments have been used to reduce attrition and increase productivity by helping organisations:

  • recruit the right people

  • develop key talent and teams, and

  • evaluate leadership potential. 

We manage the administration of Hogan assessments, deliver the coaching sessions to ensure understanding and adaptation of the insights that can greatly alter a person's perception of oneself, and provide support and candidate feedback sessions.

Working with us

Our team of coaches start your journey with the world-renowned Hogan Personality assessment toolset to discover your strengths, weaknesses and aspirations, as well as how other people perceive you. This is our scientific baseline. No assumptions. No judgement. The true you.

We then apply decades of personal development coaching and executive management experience to the results in a way that helps you process them, understand how they may be shaping your life, and what to do next to improve your outcomes.

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Why us?


Most of our clients are business people and professionals. So, unlike most other coaching programs, we then go one step further and show you how to take this new knowledge and apply it to the way you manage your niche - be it operations, marketing, sales, finance or culture.

While being Hogan-certified coaches, our people also need to come to us - and you - with the benefit of decades in leadership and executive management themselves. They need to have lead teams, been responsible for the bottom-line performance, and learnt to understand people possess a strong desire to impart their knowledge and expertise on to others.


This enables them and NB People to guide your new personal insights into actions and plans that work in the real world, and new behaviours that can lead you towards less friction, greater flow and abundant success when applied properly. 

"Your personality creates your personal reality” Dr. Joe Dispenza


Not just another
coaching provider 

Commitment, Accountability, Courage and Confidentiality are the driving force behind NB People coaching methodology.


Our coaches are focused on helping you understand and adjust your personality traits and behaviours to create a personal reality
you have always deeply desired.

We can also help you and your people get over or let go of negative people and experiences. This is not the same as moving on from those negative people and experiences. Through self-awareness and understanding, NB People helps individuals let go in order to make room for new, positive and enriching people and experiences to enter.

Our coaching is not just about self-insight and changing a few behaviours – it is a coaching methodology that integrates behavioural coaching with personal branding and tangible business outcomes.

Leadership Skills
Development Coaching 


NB People provides coaching services to help executives in the corporate environment improve performance in the workplace while developing personal skills and awareness for life success. Our Hogan assessments and workshops are delivered by experienced coaches with a focus on organisational success and genuine lifelong learnings.

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Business Development Coaching


Our Business Development Coaching services are particularly for owners of small to medium enterprises who are looking for rapid and sustainable business growth by identifying strategic and practical key business accelerators to improve their people, processes and technologies, as well as themselves.

Development Coaching


Specialised for top-performers and high-achievers who desire to continuously learn and grow, and accelerate their careers. Our Career Coaching services are designed to empower you to reach your career goals, faster. Become the natural choice for the next promotion, salary increase or explore your next big, bold and meaningful step in your professional life.

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Service Process


We utilise our effective process of delivery and then adjust a little left and right to suit your circumstances. In essence, you will see the coaching rolled out as per: 

  1. Assess your situation with a telephone call and answers to a number of effective questions

  2. Outline a suitable program or workshop options that address your specific personal or business issues.

  3. You complete required online assessments or questionnaire 

  4. We conduct an assessment or questionnaire review session, detailing the results and what they mean for you and/or your business.

  5. We then optionally deploy further coaching or business consulting services to fit in with your ongoing requirements.

  • Proven world-class approach

  • Highly experienced business
    consultants for all types of SMEs


  • Resources and services available to
    cover all areas of business


  • No hype or guess-work

  • Qualified and Authorised Hogan coaches 

  • Free access to content that will help you run your business more effectively

  • Customised programs with flexible delivery

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or no charge

Who are we?


We are a team of highly accomplished senior business executives with many years of experience in a variety of industries. 


We have executives based both in Sydney and Florida helping small to medium enterprises and large corporations establish a clear vision and strategy to realise the full potential of their business and their people.


We specialise in business planning, managing organisational change, workforce training, general management, and Leader(s) skills development.

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Growing your people can sound a bit optional in these strange and challenging times. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Your business is your people - and right now you need them, and they need you, more than ever before.


We deploy specific proven assessments to discover whether your business is getting the most from your people - and whether it's giving enough back to them too.


The outcomes then inform us as to the specific training we can propose to improve your business status quo - and leave you in a position where your people become your greatest asset. Because when that happens, you can build a sustainable, energised, positive and profitable business with less effort.


Resistance makes way for an energised flow that results in very real commercial success.

Our services don't cost the earth - and we can show you a return on your investment. This is a commercial service with a focus on genuine bottom-line results - and an outcome that creates better lives for you and your staff too.

We also provide a business guarantee where you don't pay unless you are 100% excited about our contribution to your business - and can see the tangible improvement to your bottom line. 


Call me on 0434 309 034 to chat about how our people program might help your business. 

Is it time to redesign your business, career and maybe other areas of your life? Are you considering starting a business or changing career paths and feeling confused and uncertain which direction you should take? Are you looking to gain an advantage over other people applying for the same job especially in this extremely competitive market? Are you unable to maintain long-term relationships because of pressure and stress?


Do you constantly feel overwhelmed and a victim of circumstances beyond your control? Have you got a dysfunctional team where people are not happy, are unproductive and feel insecure following the COVID19 pandemic? Do you need help getting your people to return to work feeling energised and safe?

We have a methodology that answers all of these questions and more.  


Our consulting and coaching organisation helps people take control of their lives by truly understanding what makes them, their people and their business tick.

Our business consulting provides resources and services such as accounting, bookkeeping & administration, business planning & development, sales training, customer relationship management, general management, WH&S protocols, HR operations, learning & development including vocational and contextualised training, executive coaching and culture alignment.

Our specialist coaching programs are underpinned by scientific evidence-based profiling tools to grow you - whether you are a leader of a multi-national, owner of a small business, an employee in a medium-sized organisation or an individual looking for a better way of living your life.

By better knowing yourself you will be able to make better people choices be it in your personal life or your professional life. We will teach you how to determine what people's core values and motivators are so that you can get the best out of them whilst at the same time helping them to truly thrive in their own lives.

Our programs are comprehensive yet easy to implement. We will not leave you until you are 100% satisfied. That is our promise to you.

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About Us

NB People will help you develop a blueprint for your business to achieve the five business imperatives of delighting customers, financial performance, operational excellence, happy people and risk management.

Our programs are fully customised to meet each person's and/or organisation's needs. There is no one size fits all and our services are 100% guaranteed. We will not leave you until you are happy we have delivered on all your expectations.

That is our promise.